Sims 3 White Diamond

This Calafornian-Modern home has all the bling and glam to fit your sim celebirties life style.  Filled with incredible attention to detail filling your sims heart with joy every time they step in the next room. Diamonds are a girls best friend but, this beautifuly done white “diamond” luxary home will wipe that saying away. Includes: 1 bedroom and 2 childrens bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, family room, kitchen, dinning room, office, workout room. Made with love by Annalise Bonnachlite.





The Sims 3 White Diamond!

Sims 3 Hawaiian In The City

This is a Hawaiian Paradise suite. Usually most condos are known to be placed in the so called “city that never sleeps”, but this condo is perfect for any location. You can place this condo near water,    

        a bridge it’s your choice. You can enjoy a little Hawaiian life with beautiful Custom Content.

 Includes 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, Living room, Kitchen, Dinning room and a inviting

modern hall way.



The Sims 3 Hawaiian In The City

Sims 3 New Day

City Living can be tough, small rooms, basic design, Not anymore. This condo will change your views on city living. Complete with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, pool, hot tub, kitchen, dining room, family room and elegant custom content!




The Sims 3 New Day


The Sims 3 Elegance

Have you dreamed to live in the black and white times? Well this house is black and white from top to bottem, but there is a twist to this elegant house. This has a new modren, colorful twist to just make your life style and little bit more colorful. When your sim enters into the world of black and white modren life style your sim will never love another house again. Includes: 1 bedromm (2 childrens room) 2 bathroom, kitchen, dinning room, family room, office, sitting room, walk in closest and a beautiful modren pool in the elegent backyard. Made with lots of love Annalise.






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