I have had enough, I wish this stupid idea would have gotten better but I guess I was a fool to ever think it was going to be a big succues.

I have notice not many people have been on here…. downloading my Houses/Sims that I have worked so very hard on… I have not got any feedback if I should countiue to make more Sims or Houses and I never got a “Well done” or a “I love your creations” nothing like that and I am not expecting any, anytime soon. I have seen other Websites that makes Houses and I have decided to help with that… Because I thought people would like more detailed houses, like a real house… and thats when I decided to make a website so people can download my creations, but I guess this was all a mistake… but I am hoping in a year or so I can get the feeling I should make more houses and Sims. I have made houses and Sims for my game and I think I will be the only person on earth who will ever enjoy the creations I make…

This is not the only reason I have stopped making Houses/Sims my game won’t alowe me to upload anything and my bussiness partner have decided not to do her job anymore, in more simpler words she had quit. I have tried to do what she had been doing for me but I don’t have the brain to understand what he does and how she does it so well… she was a great partner but she had to quit she wasn’t getting any credit but at first she didn’t mind but I knew she was going to mind in the time being… I just think all of this would have not happened if only people have came on here more or if I had made Houses/Sims that people want to download, or even maybe I didn’t avertise enough but I spent one whole day including daily human-being things to do. I had spent one day talking to people on a forum to get them to come here… I guess I was tricked… This might be my fault or others I don’t know but right now I am not going to think about it I will just not put so much thought into this as I would have if I have gotten more customors. I am not a quitted and I will never quit on this… This is my life… I love doing this…. I do have a real job of making houses for real humans and that has gone so very well better than I ever thought of… and I thought it would be easy and fun to do the same for something I love to play and enjoying playing it… but I guess it is just a harder job with only two people in the company… Hopefully in the furture people see my site and download things and hopefully the downloading and the views will go up and if it does I will make more houses and Sims and try harder to find the problem with my Sims game…


Thank-you for reading to the people who are reading this. I know it is long but… I needed to let the people who do view this site know what stress I am under with the whole website thing. And remember this can be my fault or the viewers…. I am thinking right now it is mine…. I think I have made too detailed houses and people just want a simple house… but as a pro intier designer that is like I’m failing my job, because I don’t and won’t do that with any house…

Hopefully viewers come and my game fixes the problem but right now I am not going to waste my time making houses/Sims for only 13 or so people…

Thank-you for understanding if you do… if you don’t and don’t understand why I am doing this you can contact me on my E-mail if you care or if you think this is stupid that I would put my E-mail for you bored people who have nothing else better to do then E-mail a person you don’t know about a stupid site that no one goes on…



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